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Moving to Samsø

Are you considering moving to Samsø? Or have you already moved here? This is a mini guide for you at the beginning of your island adventure.

1. The ferries

Since Samsø is located in the middle of the Kattegat, we often talk about the ferries and greet each other when we sail with them. From Samsø there are solid connections to both Sjælland and Jutland by ferry. 

PRINCESS ISABELLA and LILLEØRE are Samsø Municipality's ferries that sail to Hou and Aarhus respectively.

SAMSØLINJEN sails to Kalundborg and in 2025 there will be at least three daily double trips.

2. Working with an ocean view

Are you looking for a job at Samsø? Click here to find vacancies in the municipality.

The two largest industries on the island are agriculture and tourism. In addition to this, there is a large proportion of self-employed people on the island. Part of Samsø's motto reads "We do it together" - and this is very telling. We work together and get the whole wheel of life running on the island - regardless of whether it is working with the little children, the bigger children, the adults or the senior citizens.

If you work outside the island, commuting to Jylland or Sjælland is an option. In particular, the morning and afternoon departure with LILLEØRE to Aarhus is planned to benefit commuters. 

Remember your island card (ø-kort)! As a permanent resident on Samsø, your island card gives you certain advantages - some of these are discounts on your ferry ticket, coffee, a guaranteed seat on the ferry when travelling to Jylland and various discounts for other local cultural offers.

3. Children's island life

The tiny ones: If you are on maternity leave on Samsø, there are a lot of opportunities. In addition to lying on the sofa or enjoying nature, you can attend various activities along with your baby (cinema, swimming, parent groups, hymn singing and postpartum training).

The little ones: At Samsø, we have a whole team of skilled and loving daycare workers who take care of the 0-3 year olds. There are both daycare providers in your own home and large daycare where several daycare providers look after the children together.

The slightly bigger ones: We have two kindergartens on the island. Rumpotten, the public kindergarten, is located in Tranebjerg. Samsø Børnehus, a private kindergarten, is located in Onsbjerg.

Start of school: Samsø Skole is our public school, which is located in Tranebjerg. Samsø Frie Skole is a private school, located in Onsbjerg in the Bisgaard Forte forest. Both schools go up to the 10th grade.

4. Spare time

Samsø has more associations than we can mention here. Autumns and winters on Samsø are quiet periods, which leaves time for exploring the the many local associations and find a hobby or interest that suits you.

5. Volunteering

If you have more time, energy, knowledge and a smile - or if you just want to spend time with other people, there is always room for an extra volunteer at Samsø. You can contact Samsø Frivilligcenter to find volunteer opportunities that suit your interests and skills.

6. Welcome meeting

Every year, Samsø Municipality holds a welcome meeting for everyone who has moved here during the year. Here, the mayor welcomes you and the island's associations are present to give you information about activities, services and offers on the island. You can also ask questions and get advice on how you can become part of the community. The welcome meeting is also a good opportunity to meet other newcomers to the island. 

7. The medical center and Samsø Health and Emergency Centre

There is a doctor's office and a health and emergency centre on the island. Here you can find both general medical practice and emergency assistance for the island's citizens. Both are located in Tranebjerg. In case of serious, acute illness, you will be flown by helicopter to Skejby University Hospital in less than fifteen minutes. 

8. Househunting

Country house, apartment or luxury villa? If you are looking for a home to buy on Samsø, you can contact one of the island's three local estate agents. You can also see if there are any available trial homes that match your dreams. Click here to see the current trial homes.

Alternatively, you can sign up for the waiting lists for rental homes at Brattingsborg Gods or Midtjysk Boligselskab.

Click here to read more about renting homes via Brattingsborg Gods.

Click here to read more about renting homes on Samsø via Midtjysk Boligselskab.

9. International island adventure

We welcome international newcomers with open arms. Samsø Municipality is the municipality in Denmark with the highest percentage of international citizens in the workforce compared to other municipalities. Learn to pronounce the word 'hygge' - and you'll feel like a true islander in no time.

10. Shops, eateries and taste experiences

Many of the island's restaurants close down during the winter. But the season has become longer, and many are open now from Easter until after the autumn holidays. Fortunately, you can get local produce from both agriculture and delicatessens all year round.

Welcome to Samsø Municipality - we do it together.

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